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More Mad Men Modern: A Second Look at Norwalk’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture, NPT's 2019 Living History Tour is here! For details and to register, see Tours.

To date, Norwalk Preservation Trust has put together eight "Norwalk's Living History" tours, in 2011 (Historic Homes from 1675 to 1830), 2012 (19th-Century Rural Communities), 2013 (Lost Tracks: Norwalk's Trolley Tour), 2014 (Through Artists' Eyes: Norwalk People and Places in the WPA Murals), 2015 (Hidden In Plain Sight: Norwalk in the National Register of Historic Places), 2016 (Victorian Splendor: The Homes, Churches and Monuments of Norwalk's Gilded Age), 2017 (Over Here: Norwalk in the First World War), and last year's "Mad Men Modern: Touring Norwalk’s Contemporary Architecture."

NPT also leads an occasional series of architectural walking tours of the Washington Street Historic District and the Wall Street Historic District in Norwalk.


For more information about Norwalk Preservation Trust's 2018 Preservation Scholarship Awards for high school juniors and seniors, see NPT Scholarships.


Norwalk Preservation Trust presents the Valle Weber Fay Preservation Leadership Awards. For details of past recipients, see Awards.


Norwalk Preservation Trust's Your Green Old House workshops are an occasional series. Each workshop is presented by experts in construction and historic preservation who share knowledge and techniques to help historic homeowners preserve and upgrade their homes in an environmentally responsible manner.

For details of our past workshops, see Workshops.

Fodor Farm

Norwalk Preservation Trust was involved in the creation of Fodor Farm, and that relationship continues today as NPT, in its role as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides help with organizing their fundraising events.

For details of upcoming events, see Fodor Farm.

Before SONO was SONO: A look at how it all began

On Sunday, May 5th, 2013, Norwalk Preservation Trust presented a special showing of the award-winning 1986 documentary about South Norwalk, Survival of A Small City, at the South Norwalk Public Library, 10 Washington Street.

In the early 1980s, the City of Norwalk, led by newly elected Mayor Bill Collins, began an effort to rehabilitate the historic neighborhood around Washington Street Washington Streetin South Norwalk. The result of that effort is the successful and vibrant area that we now call SONO. It was not an easy task and the original Norwalk Preservation Trust was founded by Valle Fay and others to help preserve the area. It was difficult to find a developer who understood the profit potential in historic preservation. It was equally difficult to convince the residents of the area that this project, which would require them to find new places to live, was good for the city.

Nancy Salzer and Pablo Frasconi, son of renowned artist and Village Creek resident Antonio Frasconi, documented part of the process in Survival of A Small City, which explores the effect of the project on Washington Street residents and business owners. It features interviews with residents of the community, Mayor Collins, former NEON Director Bobby Burgess, Norwalk Preservation Trust President Valle Fay, architectural historian Mimi Findlay, and others. The film offers "unique insights into the challenges of preservation. It brings into play all the community politics, history, aesthetics and economic analyses that are as much a part of preservation as they are a part of life." It has been honored by the Museum of Modern Art, The American Film Festival, The International Festival of Films on Architecture, and the Margaret Mead Film Festival.

Mayor Collins, Mr. Burgess, Mrs. Findley, Frank Fay and others led a discussion following the film. After the screening and discussion, everyone was invited to walk down Washington Street to Donovan's, SONO's oldest bar and restaurant, to hear owner Richard Ball's stories of the transformation and join in a Toast to Preservation.

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